Dream of: 29 January 2012 "Secret Service Man"

I was in the back seat of a car which contained three other men including my father, who was driving. We all worked for the United States government in a secret service which combated malicious agents who were attacking the US government.

Since it was a presidential election year, the US government was especially susceptible to attack and any means necessary would be used to repel an attack on the government. That meant that we were authorized to kill people if necessary. Now I realized that presidents since my youth, such as John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson had authorized covert killings without the knowledge of the public.

Today we were assigned to the Gallia County Farmhouse because it was suspected that a group of malicious agents would be trying to infiltrate the Farm. I made an off-hand comment about shooting someone and my father chastised me. I said I had just been kidding and I acerbically called him "an ass."

When we reached the Farm, we immediately spotted another car filled with men and we knew the men were the agents which we needed to stop. Another group of US agents in a second car had blocked the malicious agents. We all jumped out of our car and surrounded the evil agents.

As the action proceeded, it seemed more as if I were imagining what was taking place rather than actually being there. For instance, I imagined what kind of guns I was carrying and I tried out different ideas of having various types of handguns in my belt and how I could grab onto the guns. I also had knives on me and I would imagine grabbing the different knives.

As I was observing the confrontation with the evil agents, I glanced down toward muddy Symmes Creek at the bottom of the hill, and I thought I noticed something strange in the water. Looking closer, I could clearly make out someone swimming under the surface, then rising for air and going back under. Finally I saw at least four people in a row swimming fast under the water and at last I was able to see that they were all women. I realized this was a second cadre of evil agents headed to attack the Farm and I excitedly hollered to my companions what I had seen.

I pulled out a gun, pointed it down at the creek and hollered at the women to turn around. They stopped and looked up at me. They tried to act innocent as if they were simply swimming there and as if they were frightened of me. They turned around and started swimming back down the creek. I wondered if I had made a mistake. Maybe they were innocent. But then I saw them climb out of the creek further down. They were all carrying fancy large black weapons. I ran toward them and hollered, "Spies!"

Again I seemed to be imagining what I would do. I imagined pointing my gun at them and being unsure whether I should open fire. It seemed like a life and death situation, but I was still unsure whether I should shoot first.

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