Dream of: 25 January 2012 "Christmas Money"

I was in Fort Worth in a room which seemed like an old-fashioned motel room with dark woodwork. I was very happy when my old attorney friend Jon (only about 25 years old) showed up. We shook hands. When I told Jon that he looked good, better than last time I had seen him, he walked over to mirror to look at himself. With him he had brought a black-haired small-breasted Hispanic woman (around 30 years old) who was a prostitute. When he said the three of us would be there for an hour, I figured we would have sex there together. I was willing.

When the woman began talking off her clothes, I began envisioning how both Jon and I could have sex with her at the same time. He could lie on his back and she could sit on top of him. I could then insert my penis in her rear.

When the woman sat down in a chair, I looked out a large open window and noticed that people were sitting on a balcony right across the street and looking at us. When I said something about the people, Jon walked over to the window and pulled down some shades so they couldn't see us. At the same time I thought I heard the people applauding - obviously they were interested in what was going on in the room.

Both Jon and the woman climbed into the bed, lay down, and went straight to sleep. I crawled into the bottom of the bed, lay there, and waited. I already had an erection but I was concerned about how strong it would be. I wished I had some Viagra. After a short while, Jon stood back up from the bed and put on his clothes. Jon said that he was finished and that I could now proceed with the woman. But the woman had also already stood up and dressed. 

Jon said he was going to a Christmas party at Carol's (the surrogate mother of my young paramour, Michelle). I knew that I had earlier been invited to the party, but I had decided not to go. Now I had changed my mind and I wanted to go. But for some reason, Jon did not want me to go with him. I begged to go. I went on and on. I was uncertain whether to take the prostitute with us.

I began imagining what the party would be like and my imagination became so strong, I was actually standing outside Carol's house, an elegant brick structure near downtown Fort Worth. In the driveway I could see a Cadillac which I thought belonged to Carol. I could also see through the windows that the place was packed with people. I could see Carol and several respectable-looking people sitting in a room. I figured some of them were probably lawyers. I was afraid someone might see me and think I was spying. I decided I probably wouldn't fit into the party anyway and I started walking down the street. I was unsure what had happened to the prostitute but I thought I might still be able to find her and spend an hour with her for $60 (that was what Jon had paid). She could probably use extra money for Christmas. She probably had a couple kids at home to support.

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