Dream of: 24 January 2012 "Yen For Sweets"

I was driving a car on my way to the Gallia County Farm, where I intended to start living. Just after I was inside the Gallia County line, I came upon a small village and I stopped. For some inexplicable reason, I walked into a house even though I did not know the people living there. A party seemed to be in progress and the house was packed with people. I was greeted cordially by a sharply dressed middle-aged woman who seemed to be in charge and I was made to feel welcome.

Table after table in the house was spread out with fancy desserts. I soon realized that the people had all come together to sample various luscious deserts and that I could likewise partake. I walked from room to room, uncertain of the exact protocol, eyeing the various delicacies. Finally I timidly tried a couple small pieces of the deserts, but although I ate them, I did not seem to taste anything, and I started to develop a yearning for something tasty.

I picked up another piece of something and after I ate it, I realized it was some kind of fancy vegetable plate. At least it had a pleasant taste, but I now had more of a yen for something sweet, and I browsed the plates of sweets for something enticing.

I noticed that a baby (less than a year old) had climbed into one of the plates of deserts which was sitting on a counter. The baby had smeared the whipped cream which topped the desert all over itself. When I pointed out the baby to the woman who had originally greeted me, she immediately lifted the baby out of the plate.

The affair seemed to drag on and I began to suspect that the gathering would last for hours and that various foods would be eaten at different times. I was uncertain whether I should leave or stay. Since I would be living in Gallia County, I thought perhaps I should become acquainted with the local gentry, but I felt ill at ease. I walked into the living room where people were seated all about. I was surprised to hear someone ask me about a woman whom I knew. Since I knew that the woman was somehow connected to my young sometimes-girlfriend, Michelle, I figured that whoever had spoken to me must know that I was connected with Michelle. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about that. I somewhat relished the idea of being anonymous without anyone knowing anything about me. Yet it appeared it was already to late for that.

A woman (perhaps 40 years old) sitting on a couch asked me if I might be interested in working the following day on her farm. She said that I would simply have to sit atop something which was being hauled. I was surprised by the unexpected offer of work. I mulled the proposal over a moment, then decided I would do it. Apparently no one here knew that I was a lawyer or that I was unaccustomed to manual labor. The idea of working out on the farm appealed to me. Besides I could always use extra money. I told the woman I would do it.

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