Dream of: 23 January 2012 "Off-Key"

I was in the house of the singer Steven Tyler and I was watching a video of Steven Tyler, who had sung the national anthem at the Super Bowl. I had heard that some people had been upset with the way he had sung the anthem and as I watched the video I understood why: he was singing off-key and he substituted some words for the correct words. I specifically noticed that he had taken out the word "dawn" and substituted another word in its place.

On the video he had long hair and looked as if he were in his mid 40s. He was thin and was wearing a gray suit, which was uncharacteristic for him.

As I watched the video, I realized a black fellow (probably in his early 20s) was sitting on a couch there in the room with me. He looked as if he were half asleep. Also in the room was a little black boy. I abruptly realized that the black fellow on the couch had actually sung the national anthem and that his name was "Dylan." I had previously heard of him. He was a fairly well-known singer, but I did not know much about him. I was curious about his name, because I thought when the advertisements had gone out about his singing at the super bowl, some people probably confused him with Bob Dylan. I thought the fellow was a bit dishonest to have a the same name as such a famous person as Bob Dylan.

As the fellow slept, I watched the little black boy (only about three years old). Suddenly a door opened and a black woman (probably in her early 20s) walked into the room. She seemed to be connected to the boy, but she did not seem to be his mother. Apparently she took care of him. She wanted to know who I was and how I had come to be there. I tried to think, but I couldn't remember how I had entered.

I seemed to recall that I had been outside when I had come across the little boy who had been outside by himself. Since he did not have anyone to take care of him, I had entered the house and had started taking care of him. The woman did not say much, but she seemed upset by what I was saying. Apparently she was upset with Dylan because he hadn't been watching the little boy. And she seemed uncertain about me.

I walked outside. The house was somewhere in the country and was surrounded by forest. As I walked around amidst the trees, the little boy also came outside. I kept an eye on him. I did not want to overdo it, but he seemed as if he needed someone to look after him. I watched over the boy while the man and the woman remained in the house.

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