Dream of: 22 January 2012 (2) "Trespassers"

I owned a two-story frame house on Seventh Street in Portsmouth in the same spot where the Ressinger House originally stood. I was fixing it up and had already completed quite a bit of work on it. When I arrived at the house, I realized that the front door was unlocked and I feared that someone might be in the house. I hollered out that whoever was in the house needed to come out. I watched as a girl (around 20 years old) walked down the stairs from the second story. I made a note of her name, which was written on the front of her shirt. I told her to stop, that she was trespassing and that I was going to call the police. She stopped on the stairs.

I heard other people upstairs and soon they also began descending the stairs. I stepped back out onto the front porch as around five short-haired guys and five girls (all probably in their early 20s) came down the stairs. The fellows all looked rough and strong. I told them to stay, but obviously they intended to brush past me and leave. One of them told me his name.

I told another person who was with me to call the police, which he did. When the last person descended, I looked at her and tried to discern who she was. Finally I realized that she was Michelle's tall thin friend, Kay. I thought that I at least knew who one of the people was and now I knew several of their names.

I grabbed two of the fellows by their tee-shirts. I told them they would have to assault me and commit a felony if they wanted to leave. They looked concerned and did not seem to want to attack me, but they pulled away from me. It seemed as if their tee-shirts were made of paper because they pulled off in my hands. Everyone left and headed down the street.

When a white car pulled up in front of the house, I walked out to it. I did not know who the scruffy black-haired man (around 25 years old) in the car was, but then I saw that he had a badge and I figured he must be the police. I told him everyone had left. Then I saw five or six of the people crossing the street further down and I also saw another police car coming. When the people started running, I said, "There they are."

I thought I could simply jump into the police car and we could take off chasing the people.

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