Dream of: 22 January 2012 "Hotel Mexico"

I had picked up an attractive prostitute (around 25 years old) and had sex with her. Afterwards, she informed me that she had a sexually transmitted disease. Upset, I began screaming at her. I almost felt like beating her. The bad part was that I had already known that she had the STD even before we had had sex. Nevertheless, I was blaming her, even though I had already known about it.

We were riding around in a car which I was driving. Since I knew that we were far away from where I lived, I was surprised when I suddenly saw my old high school friend, Mike Walls, walking down the road. He was only about 25 years old. I turned the car back around, went back and picked Mike up. He climbed into the front seat on the other side of the woman. He did not say much. He did not seem surprised to see me.

One reason I had picked Mike up was so that he could have sex with the woman without having to pay her for it. I thought he could use a condom. When I told him that he could have sex with the woman but that he should use a condom, he seemed interested, but not particularly excited by the idea.

I decided we should get something to eat first, so I stopped at a large restaurant. We all walked in and were each given a plate of food. A string was attached to each plate and the plate flew in mid-air as we walked along holding onto our strings. Somehow Mike managed to lose his plate and we couldn't find it.

As we looked for Mike's plate, I asked him where he was staying. He told me that he was staying in Mexico. Since I now knew that we were in Mexico, I asked him exactly where he was staying and it turned out that he was staying in a motel called Mexico. I thought that was rather strange.

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