Dream of: 17 January 2012 "Old Apartments"

It was almost noon. I had been awake for two or three hours. I was staying at the House in Patriot. I had already been on the computer and I had been doing some other little things around the House. My father (only about 40 years old) had spent the night in the House. He was in another room, but I realized that he seemed to be watching what I was doing. I was a little worried that he would think that I wasn't using my time productively because I hadn't accomplished much that morning. He probably figured this was the way I spent every morning.

When my father left, the House began to seem more like an old dilapidated frame multi-storied apartment building which was owned by my father. I had forgotten that my father even owned this building, which was a little strange because I was actually living in it.

I recalled that the building contained many old empty apartments. I thought I might be able to refurbish the place and fix up the apartments. I did not want to work on the apartments by myself, however.

I noticed someone lying on the couch and I thought the person was my nephew, Steven. When I walked over to the couch and said something to the person, it turned out that the person was an old woman who was a relative of mine. Nevertheless, I still thought that Steven was somewhere in the house. I thought I would like to find him and take him to the apartments so we could go through them together. I just wanted to take a look at them and then I would decide whether I wanted to do something with them.

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