Dream of: 13 January 2012 "Committing A Crime"

I was in a house which I had recently bought at a foreclosure sale. The house was a one-story cottage which only consisted of three or four rooms. Surprisingly, the house was in good shape inside and was filled with personal belongings as if someone were still living there.

I made my way to a small room on the side and was surprised to see several decent-looking televisions in the room. One television was even turned on although only static was on the screen. I figured that the television was still hooked up to cable and that the cable had been turned off. But when I started playing with the knobs, a faint picture came on the screen. A football game was being broadcast, which did not interest me at all. I tried to change the channel but the channel knob was missing.

As I moved the televisions around, trying to get one to work, I noticed a silver coin lying behind the televisions. I hardly ever found money when I bought houses at foreclosure. The coin looked like a dime, but I thought it might also be a foreign coin. It was lying next to the edge of a rug. I reached for the rug, pulled it up, and was amazed to see a pile of coins lying there. I put back the rug, thinking I would get back to the coins later.

I saw a black plastic box and opened it. It contained a game console. I couldn't tell whether it was new or old, but I thought it might be valuable. I saw several other similar boxes which I thought must contain more game consoles.

I walked over to a large closet and pulled open the door. It was filled with men's clothing, mostly suits and coats. I noticed a couple blue jean jackets and thought they might fit me. I noticed a couple more closets and on a shelf over one closet I saw a bunch of boxes of board games. I figured this room must have been the entertainment room. It was cozy. I continued to be surprised that whoever had lived there had simply moved out and left everything behind.

I kept looking around until I discovered some steps leading down to a basement. Just as I was about to go down and investigate, I thought I heard something from the front room. I walked back into the front room and saw a man standing out on the front porch. It looked as if he were going to come into the house.

I hurried to the front door and opened it. The man stood staring at me. He was probably in his mid 40s. slightly pudgy and slightly balding. He pulled out a cell phone and murmured something about calling the police. I immediately realized that this was the man who had owned the house. He suddenly stopped and seemed to realize that I had bought the house at foreclosure and he asked me if that were so. I confirmed that indeed I was the owner and that I had the deed to the house. He was immediately deflated.

I then noticed that he was not alone. Perhaps 20 people were standing in the yard. They all seemed to be about his age. All were well-dressed and they all seemed like decent people. Apparently they had all been somewhere together and had come with the man back to his house.

The man began complaining about his house being sold. Obviously he had known the house was in foreclosure proceedings but he acted as if he hadn't known that the house had actually been sold. I responded that I had bought the house on November 23, over a month ago. Today, however, was the first day I had actually been inside the house, because I had been waiting for the judge to sign the deed.

As we talked, he managed to walk inside. Soon all the others followed and the house filled with people. I was concerned that he might try to start taking things. I thought that I legally had the right to keep everything in the house, but I wasn't completely certain that I should keep all his personal possessions. I thought about the coins in the other room. I did not want to give them up. I finally hollered out that everyone had to leave, but no one moved.

Meanwhile, the man had walked to the back of the room where there was a white washer and a white dryer. He pulled them away from the wall and started complaining about the basement. I walked back there and saw some steps leading down to the basement. I told him I hadn't even seen that yet. I told him I had also discovered a basement in the other room.

I was curious about what was in the basement. As he stood at the top of the stairs, I hesitatingly descended halfway down, trying to get a view of what was down there. Suddenly I heard something behind me and I turned around. I looked back at the top of the stairs and saw that the man had shut a white door behind me. I started running back up. I was immediately worried. I could be trapped down there and might never be able to escape. I hollered out, "You're committing a crime!"

I knew that I had a definite problem.

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