Dream of: 05 January 2012 "Triplets"

My attractive black-haired mother (only about 20 years old) had given birth to tiny little triplet babies and I was helping take care of them. We did not even yet know the sex of the babies. I was walking around a park area, carrying one baby (which had the consistency of a muffin) around in a little cup. I was concerned because there was some water in the cup and I fretted that the little baby might be drowning. I poured it out of the cup and held it in the palm of one hand. At first it wasn't moving, but then I saw a little movement which looked as if it were breathing. It had the consistency of an oatmeal muffin.

When I looked around for the other two babies, I saw them rolling away from me like little balls. They disappeared on the other side of the park. Both my mother and I took off running after the babies which passed around a corner so we couldn't see them for a few seconds. Then we saw them again. It looked as if they were up on a stage. I took a run and leaped onto the stage. My mother followed. All the while I was still carrying the third baby in my hand.

   The babies disappeared through a door and my mother and I followed into what seemed like a scummy little motel room. My mother and I stayed in the room for a few moments and took care of the babies until I told her that the babies needed to go back outside. I walked back outside carrying the one baby which seemed in better condition - definitely it would survive.

I agonizingly realized that I had to keep my eye on the babies all the time. It was incredible.

We still did not know the sex of the babies, but in my mind, as in a vision, I realized that two of the babies were going to be girls and that one was going to be a boy. One girl would be black-haired and the other would be blonde. I could clearly see a picture of the two beautiful girls when they were about 18 years old. However I did not see a picture of the boy. When I realized that the three of them would be growing up together, I thought the boy could end up having sex with both the girls. I thought the opportunity for the boy would be tremendous. Although I knew that society would frown, I was going to try to instruct the boy to have sex with two girls. I thought he should take advantage of the opportunity and have sex with both the girls and I intended to become his instructor in the project.

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