Dream of: 01 January 2012 "Losing My Job"

I was sitting at a desk in front of a black-haired woman (around 40 years old) who was a judge who was questioning my sister (only 18-19 years old) who was standing beside me. I worked for the judge as a clerk. The judge seemed to be questioning my sister's character. When the judge had finished and my sister was preparing to leave, I started telling the judge that my sister had a good character To put forth an example of my sister's character, I told the judge that to the best of my knowledge she had never smoked marijuana in her life.

The judge - who seemed duly impressed - looked at me mesmerizingly and asked if the same could be said about me. I stammered something about its being "a personal choice." I wasn't going to tell her the truth, that I occasionally smoked marijuana. I did not think she even had any business to ask. However, I thought she should know that by not answering the question, I was making the truth clear. I felt that if she couldn't live with that, it would be best if she fired me anyway. I told her that not only marijuana, but all drugs should be legalized. I discerned that she wasn't happy with what I was saying.

After the questioning session ended, I walked over to a large adjoining room where a black girl - who also worked for the judge, but in a lesser capacity than I - was sitting. Before I reached the neighboring room, however, the judge asked me to retrieve a blanket from the neighboring room. When I walked into the room, I went to pick up the blanket, which was actually a large colorful quilt. When the black girl stood, I thought she intended to help me carry the quilt back to the judge. I quickly realized, however, that the black girl wanted to carry the quilt by herself. The black girl also stood up to help carry the quilt out of the room. When I realized the black girl seemed to want to carry the quilt by herself, I informed her that the judge had told me to carry the quilt. The black girl said, no, that the judge wanted to talk with her (the black girl).

Suddenly I realized what had happened. I figured the judge wanted to talk with the black girl first because the judge planned to offer my job to the black girl. The judge did indeed intend to let me go because of my answer to the marijuana question. I was sure the judge first wanted to ascertain that the girl would take my job, then the girl would inform me of the situation.

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