Dream of: 31 December 2011 "Azerbaijan"

I was sitting in a movie theater watching a movie. Four movies were supposed to be played and I thought I would probably watch all four of them, even though they were old and not particularly interesting. I was distracted by an attractive black-haired girl (about 20 years old) who was sitting several rows behind me. I positioned myself so I could watch the movie and glance at her at the same time. I wasn't sure whether she noticed me, but it seemed as if she did.

The first movie ended and the second movie started. I had to stare straight ahead of me during the second movie, so I wasn't able to see the girl as well as during the first movie. In fact, I couldn't see her at all as I was watching the movie. I would have to turn around in order to see her. Since I did not want to be obvious and turn around and look at her, I simply stared at the movie screen.

The movie was utterly uninteresting. It was about a bus and the experience of riding one. Although the words of the movie were in another language, I had understood one word: "Azerbaijan."

I managed to lie down on the floor of the movie theater. As I stared down the aisle, I spotted Duff (whom I had known since junior high school) sitting down there. I noticed that he was likewise lying on the floor and staring back at me. I hadn't seen Duff in a long time and I thought I might like to talk with him.

At the same time that the bus being shown in the movie pulled over at a rest stop, I needed to go to the bathroom and it began to seem as if I were on the bus (where I still needed to go to the bathroom). As I stood up and headed up the aisle, Duff and a second fellow joined me and we started talking about where we were. It seemed to me as if we were in Azerbaijan and I told the other two that I thought we were in Azerbaijan. I doubted that they knew where Azerbaijan was, whereas I knew there were actually two Azerbaijans. There was a country named Azerbaijan and there was a province of Iran named Azerbaijan. I knew much about Azerbaijan because I had once lived there. I thought perhaps I could impress the other two with my knowledge of Azerbaijan and what I knew about it.

As we continued walking toward the back of the bus, I no longer seemed to be on the bus, but in rustic adobe-type rooms, which somehow gave the impression of being underground.

As we walked through the rooms, I had a stronger and more painful urge to urinate. I thought if I could simply pee, I would be ok.

I found a quarter. Duff and the other fellow walked on. I knew we did not have much time. We had to return to the bus, or it would leave without us. I finally stepped over to one of the walls of the cave-like rooms and tried to pee - but nothing came out.

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