Dream of: 28 December 2011 "Dream Group"

I was in a room in Portsmouth, Ohio where perhaps 30 people who were involved with writing dreams were gathered. I didn't think that I knew anyone there. As I overheard some people talking, I reflected that I had written many dreams and that I therefore probably knew quite a bit more about the subject than these other people.

The group seemed disorganized. One fellow (probably in his mid 30s) seemed to be in charge, but he didn't really seem to know what he was doing. I recalled that once long ago I had attended a similar group in Portsmouth which had been something like this group. At the previous group, a charismatic fellow had been present who had seemed to know what he was doing. I also remembered that my old philosophy professor, Rembert Glass, had been in that previous group and he had handled the group proficiently.

Abruptly, we all stood up and headed to another room. As we were walking, I saw a brief flame from my late teens, Denise Dykes (perhaps 20 years old). I spoke to her and she was quite friendly. Then I spoke to another girl. After I started talking with a few people, I felt better. I had finally broken the ice as far as getting to know some of these people.

After we had walked into the adjoining room, we all sat down again. A cafeteria-style table was right in front of me. I was carrying a notebook filled with dreams which I laid down on the table. One of my dreams was lying right on top of my notebook. When the girl sitting next to me laid down her notebook, she also had a written dream lying on top of her notebook. The letters of the title at the top of the page dream spelled a multi-syllable Indian-sounding name. Referring to the name, I asked, "Who's that?"

The girl answered, "Sue."

I seemed to recall that I somehow knew a girl named Sue. I started reading the girl's dream, but I didn't understand it well.

Another girl walked up and seemed to stand over my shoulder and she likewise looked at the girl's dream. She mistakenly thought the dream was mine and she made a comment about the dream. I quickly told her that the dream was not mine. I pointed to the notebook lying in front of me and I said that that was my dream.

I began thinking that perhaps the girl looking over my shoulder could read the other girl's dream together with me and that together we could try to understand the dream.

As I sat there, I looked across the room and saw Kathleen (whom I've known since we attended junior high school together). I hadn't said anything to Kathleen and I was a little reluctant to do so, even though I wanted to talk with her. Even though I hadn't been talking with her, I knew that she was now one of my Facebook friends, and that I should at least speak to her, especially since she was one of the few people whom I actually knew there. So I wanted to be sure to speak with her.

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