Dream of: 22 December 2011 (2) "Of All The Places"

I had been sitting at home and had suddenly decided to go to a movie. I put on some brown decent-looking clothes and had took off for the theater. After walking into a crowded movie theater and looking for a place to sit, I found an empty seat and sat down.

I was surprised when Louise walked up and sat down in the empty seat on my right. Tastefully dressed (about 30 years old), she was very attractive. I could hardly believe she was there. I leaned over and started talking to her. I said something about of all the places in all the world, this was the one where she would end up. I told her that she knew what I wanted. I was referring to sex. I told her that we couldn't live together, but that we might be able to be together for a night. I didn't think she would acquiesce, but I thought she might.

I already had an erection, but I didn't know how long it would last. I wished I had some Viagra, but I didn't. I had never had sex with Louise on Viagra and I thought it would be stupendous.  

I finally had to go somewhere. I stood up, walked around for a little while, then returned only to find a small boy (only about one year old) sitting in my seat next to Louise. The seat on the other side of the child was empty, but I wanted to sit next to Louise. When I expressed my desire to Louise, she indicated that the child could be move to a seat further down which was next to his parents. I picked up the child. When I started to carry him toward his parents, he began squirming and I said, "You're a feisty little thing."

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