Dream of: 22 December 2011 "Dead Heads"

I was on the campus of Baylor Law School, in a room which seemed like a library inside a gigantic courthouse. As I walked around in a rotunda area, I thought I could see tombs in a subterranean area in the rotunda. When a woman who apparently worked for the law school walked up and asked me what I was doing there, I simply told her that I was looking around. She and I began talking and she pointed out one tomb which said contained the body of a woman named, "Star." I realized that she was talking about a Piketon, Ohio woman named "Star" whom I had known years ago back in the early 1970s. When the woman asked me how I had known Star, I explained to her that Star had been a sister of a friend of mine named John Smith. I also told her that Star and I used to do drugs together. The woman seemed disarmed by my truthfulness.

In the back of my mind, I somewhat pictured Star as looking like my deceased friend, Eloise LaGrone. When I asked the woman if I could see Star's body, she said that it was possible. She then opened the cover to the tomb so I was able to look down about three meters into the tomb. I couldn't' see anything, but the woman pulled up something which looked like a book out of the tomb. She opened the book to a page which contained several pictures and right in the middle was a picture of me. I pointed at the picture and uttered, "That's me."

In the picture, I was standing completely naked in some water. My penis was clearly visible. I had my arms around the shoulders of two people standing on both sides of me. I recalled that the picture had been taken in the summer of 1972. I couldn't believe that the picture was there in that tomb at Baylor Law School. The woman likewise couldn't believe it.

In the picture, Star, standing in the background, looked a bit like another old friend of mine from the mid 1990s, Donna Griffiths. Suddenly I realized that Star had not been the sister of John Smith, but a friend of the sister of John Smith. I again tried to explain to the woman who Star had been, even though I realized that my explanation was a little complicated.

I explained that the picture had been taken in the summer of 1972. I told the woman that in that summer I had hitchhiked from Ohio to California. I had traveled around California for a while, and when I had started to hitchhike back to Ohio, someone who was going to a Grateful Dead concert in the mountains of Colorado had picked me up. So I had gone to the Grateful Dead concert. I tried to explain that not only "dead heads" had attended the concert (I couldn't remember that the event was actually called the "gathering of the tribes"). I told the woman that I had attended the event on a mountain, and while there I had taken some acid and other drugs. I told the woman that along with other people, I had taken off all my clothes. While there, by mere coincidence, I had run into Star. She had come walking along while I had been naked, so far from our homes in Ohio.

The woman could hardly believe everything that I was telling her, but I knew that I was speaking the gospel truth. I felt rather proud of the whole story. The episode had been quite an adventure for me.

I was sill curious, however, why Star's body would be at Baylor University, so far from Ohio. The woman said Star's body was there because Star's father owed a great deal of money to Baylor University. I knew that Star's father had been a rich man, but I didn't know how he had come to owe money to Baylor. Even if he did owe money to Baylor, I was still puzzled by why Star's body would be there. Apparently the body had been held as a sort of hostage. I figured that the body had been there so long now, it really didn't matter.

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