Dream of: 13 December 2011 "Grain Business"

I was running a grain business out of a big barn on the Gallia County Farm. The grain which I sold was used as seed for new crops. I had a good number of customers. I had been closed the previous day, but today I had received a new shipment of grain and many people were arriving to buy. My customers were giving me checks, which I in turn used to pay the grain suppliers who brought the grain to me. I had numerous checks and money orders in my hand, but I didn't have any cash. Since I also didn't have any checks from my own account with me, I thought I would have to endorse the back of each of my customers' checks with the words "Pay to the order of" and then write the name of the grain dealer.

I was sitting at a table with a man and woman who were customers (local farmers, each around 40 years old) who had brought in a piece of paper which they said was a check. When I looked at the paper, however, I was sure it wasn't a check, but simply a receipt for something. I looked at it closely and finally decided that the woman was lying about the receipt. After we talked for quite a while, I finally looked at her and I told her that she was being dishonest and that she was lying to me. I could tell that she knew that she was lying, but she wouldn't admit it. I told her that I couldn't accept the little receipt which she had given me, and that if she continued with her deception, I was simply going to cut her off.

I finally stood up from the table, walked away, and started talking with some other people who wanted to buy grain.

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