Dream of: 12 December 2011 "End Of The World"

I was in a prison. I had a couple cellmates, one of whom was my old high school buddy, Roger Anderson. As my cellmates and I were watching a television, a report came on which said that scientists had made a mistake and had started a nuclear reaction which was going to eat up the whole world. It reminded me of the early days of nuclear discovery when atomic bombs had first been invented and scientists had been unsure whether a nuclear explosion would set off a chain-reaction which would destroy the world. Apparently something similar to that had now happened.

On the television a picture was shown of a hole which had formed in the sky. The hole was slowly becoming larger and larger and little bubbles around the edges of the hole seemed to be exploding. The scientists were convinced that nothing could be done to stop the hole from growing larger and that the world was going to end.

I looked out a window of my cell and I could see into a courtyard below where several hundred prisoners had already begun rioting. Apparently the guards had already capitulated and the prisoners were taking over and preparing to escape. I didn't want to be among that bunch of prisoners, but I did want to escape from the prison.

When I turned around, I noticed a guard was leaving our section on some kind of vehicle. I hollered to my cellmates that we should follow the guard. As the guard pulled away, I followed.

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