Dream of: 10 December 2011 "Old Russian Problem"

I was preparing to go to an airport and board a flight to Russia. I had recently heard someone speaking Russian and I reflected that I could no longer speak Russian. Even though I had once studied Russian, I had forgotten all the Russian words which I used to know. I recalled how I had once been able to write Russian in the Cyrillic alphabet, but I had also forgotten how to do that. I thought when I reached Russia, I would probably take a class in Russian. Most people in the class would probably be young. I would probably stick to myself and I wouldn't really get to know anyone. I didn't like the idea of being off to myself, but I thought I would still be able to learn the language.

I thought perhaps I should simply head to Paris instead. At least I did know the European languages. Nevertheless, I decided to go to Russia.

When I landed in Russia and deboarded the plane, I headed through customs and was met by a Russian man An American man (about 25 years old) was with the Russian man and he began talking to me. The American said I needed to go with him and talk with him. He led me to a room over to the side. I asked him if he worked for the Russian man and he said he did. I told him that the idea of working for a Russian sounded "cool" to me.

I recalled that I had been in Russia once before. I also recalled that I had experienced a problem while I had been in Russia and I wondered if I were being taken off to the side because of that old problem. Perhaps that ancient problem was still on the record.

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