Dream of: 05 December 2011 "Colliding Planets"

A pretty young black-haired woman (around 20 years old) and I were in an apartment in which we were living together in a high-rise building. As I gazed out the window to the far horizon, I observed the most peculiar sight: floating above the verdant mountains in the distance was what appeared to be a small green-treed planet which was slowly approaching the earth. The planet was not perfectly round, but more of an irregular oval. I seemed to have previously heard of the planet, so I wasn't completely surprised by what I was seeing.

The closer the planet came to the earth, however, the more concerned I became. Clearly the planet was going to strike the earth. I had heard that such a collision would have catastrophic results and I recalled that the moon was thought to have originated from a collision between the earth and another planet in earth's early history. I wondered if a chunk of the earth as big as the moon could be broken off of the earth by this impending collision.

Slowly, the small planet sunk down behind the mountains in the distance, so I wasn't able to see the actual collision, but I was sure that the impact would be catastrophic. Suddenly a gigantic brown mushroom-cloud rose ferociously in the distance. The cloud was far larger than any pictures of mushroom clouds which I had ever seen.

I could see the wave of dirt and smoke from the cloud moving toward us. I knew the wave would have incredible destructive power and I mentally chastised myself for just sitting there and not seeking shelter. At least, I noticed, the wave seemed to be moving very slowly - almost in slow motion.

I hollered to the woman that we needed to seek shelter in the basement. We headed toward the stairs. Another fellow who also was in the apartment ran ahead of us down the stairs while the woman and I followed. I thought we were very high up in a high rise building, but after going down five stories, we reached the bottom. I quickly realized that the stairs ended on the first floor and did not go to a basement.

I was unsure what to do. I walked over to a huge metal door, opened it and stepped outside onto the street. People were scurrying around everywhere. No one seemed to know what to do. I was surprised to see a Latino man in handcuffs being led by a police officer. Two other Latinos were walking on each side of him and I heard them say, "Pussy, pussy, pussy." It seemed they were using the word in the sense of "a cowardly weakling." I looked at the man in handcuffs and I also called him a "Pussy," although I really didn't even know why I was saying it.

The wave from the collision still hadn't reached us, although the air was beginning to become smoky. I knew I didn't have much time. I hurried back inside to where the pretty black-haired woman was waiting. We looked out the window as the air outside became more and more cloudy. We had no place to hide. Our only hope was that we were so far away from the impact that the power of the wave would not be strong enough to knock over the building in which we stood. Nevertheless, I began to envision the buildings around us crumbling from the impact.

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