Dream of: 03 December 2011 "New Bedford"

I was riding in a car which my father (probably in his 40s) was driving and in which my sister (only 7-8 years old) was also riding. We were on a trip and were driving through an elegant town which I recognized as New Bedford, Massachusetts. I mulled over the words "New Bedford" several times in my mind, then thought about how oddly the word "Massachusetts" was spelled. I wondered if I were even pronouncing the word correctly in my mind.

I stared out the window at the interesting historic architecture which we passed. One huge cathedral particularly caught my attention. It was all white and sported two gigantic spires which towered into the sky. Something about it made me vaguely wonder if it were a Mormon cathedral.

After we finally pulled over and stopped, my father and sister walked ahead of me down the scenic street. Just before I caught up with them, I found a penny lying on the cobblestone street. The penny was so cute, it was only about a third the size of a regular penny. I picked it up, intending to show it to my father and sister. When I reached them in the cobblestone plaza, however, I saw that they were playing a little game with a whole bunch of the little pennies. My father would throw one of the pennies for a short distance and my sister would race and pick it up. Sometimes the penny would even stand up on its edge when my father threw it.

My father had a handful of the curious little pennies. When I asked him where he had found them, he said he had bought a couple rolls of the pennies at a little shop. Apparently they were real pennies, only smaller than normal ones. I wondered if I would be able to use them in Portsmouth when we returned there.

I was having a good time. I thought I might also join in the game which my father and sister were playing.

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