Dream of: 14 November 2011 "Moving To The Wilderness"

While I was walking around the streets of Portsmouth, in the residential area where my mother used to live in the Logan Street House in the 1970s when I had been in my 20s, it suddenly occurred to me that I might start living in the Logan Street House. For a long time I had disdained the idea of living in Portsmouth, but now the idea seemed attractive, even exciting. I finally realized that I could do anything in Portsmouth that I could do anywhere else.

As I pondered the possibilities, I suddenly realized that I was already living in Portsmouth in the 17th Street House. I didn't need to move to the Logan Street House - I already had a house in Portsmouth in which I was living. Then I thought of something even better: I could move out to my father's Farm in Gallia County and live in the big Farmhouse. I didn't know why it had taken me so long to come to this decision. The huge old secluded Farm was completely surrounded by national forest. It would be paradise. I could occasionally go to events in the cities and talk to people. But basically, I would live out there alone.

I would put aside at least for the present my thoughts of living in Europe, and I would move to the Farm. I thought I should quickly discuss the prospect with my father.

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