Dream of: 31 October 2011 "Flat Bed Truck"

Michelle and I were going to take a trip together, and I was in a rickety old country store where I had been buying things for the trip. Michelle was supposed to be helping me, but she had disappeared and had been gone for four hours. When she finally showed back up, I told her she needed to help me load everything onto a flatbed truck which we would be driving on the trip. All kinds of junk was already sitting on the back of the truck and since the truck didn't even have any sideboards, I realized that I needed to rearrange things so nothing would blow off.

As I moved some boxes around, I noticed some glass globes which fit on ceiling lights sitting on the bed of the truck and I thought I needed to be careful not to break those. I also made room for some bags of Michelle's clothes.

When I finally jumped into the passenger side of the truck cabin, Michelle's' ex-boyfriend Wayne was sitting behind the wheel. The truck actually belonged to him and I was only planning to borrow it for a few days from Wayne for the trip. When I asked him if the truck was easy to drive, he just grunted. Only then did I realize that he wasn't happy with Michelle's going with me on a trip. Apparently he wasn't going to try to stop us, but he obviously didn't like the idea.

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