Dream of: 27 October 2011 "Eating Bat"

I was working with other people in a huge warehouse. We were busily constructing a high wall of grey cinder blocks. I was up high on a platform where the last blocks of the wall were being put in place. Only when we were almost finished did I realize we had walled up the only door through which trucks could enter to bring things into the warehouse. I said something to someone about what we had done, and immediately one of my superiors became angry with me. Apparently the walling of the door was a secret, although anyone could clearly see what we had done. I didn't say anything else. I knew that I would still be able to leave the warehouse through the smaller doors at each end of the building, so I wasn't particularly concerned.

When I climbed back down to the ground, however, I had the feeling that something strange was going on in the warehouse. Normally a meal was served at this time of day, but apparently the meals had been stopped. I did, however, notice a fellow with a plate of food and finally I saw a table with some food on it. I walked over to the table and picked up a white Styrofoam plate. The man had had some thin slices of pinkish meat on his plate. I really didn't want to eat meat, but it had looked good, so I tried to find some on the table.

Instead, I found a pan with some other kind of dark meat which I picked up with a fork. Once I had the meat on the fork, I realized it looked like a roasted bat. The head had been cut off, but I could clearly see the bony wings. I starred at the thing with some disgust. I had never eaten bat, and I wasn't even sure it was edible.

I carried the bat-thing over to a black man who apparently was the cook and I asked, "Is this a bat?"

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