Dream of: 25 October 2011 "The Jettison"

I was standing in front of a huge shelf of hundreds of books. An elderly woman who seemed somewhat like a school teacher was in charge of the books and she had given me the task of arranging them. I had decided to create three stacks of books on the shelves and each stack would represent a certain subject. One would be legends and fables, one would be history, and a third would be something else. I felt a deep affection for the books and I relished their feel as I ran my hands over them.

Abruptly the order was given that all the books should be thrown into the water. I then realized that several people and I were actually in front of a shelf of books on a boat (like a big raft) in the middle of a river. Someone in a white navy uniform was even sitting on the very top of the shelf. After someone actually threw some old encyclopedias off the raft into the water, I decided I couldn't go through with jettisoning the books. Instead, I picked out a book and opened it. It was full of pages of beautiful black and white pictures of cathedrals and churches. I pointed out that the book would be needed someday for something, I said I would even convey a few books at a time to the shore. I knew the task of transporting the books would be great, but I still didn't want to destroy them. The man to whom I was talking seemed unmoved.

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