Dream of: 20 October 2011 "Poppy Fields"

I had two tablets of Oxycontin which I gave to Michelle, who was sitting next to me. One tablet was a regular pill, but one was more like a little white flat wafer. She plopped both pills into her mouth. Almost immediately I realized that I would have liked to have also taken some of the oxy. Fortunately she spit both pills back out into her hand and she allowed me to break the wafer-pill in half, and then break the halves in half. I then took one of the quarter sections while she again placed everything else in her mouth.

We lay down in bed together with her on my left with her head next to my chest. After a short few minutes, the pill began to take effect. I hadn't taken oxy in so long, I had forgotten what it was like. A wave of euphoria swept over me. I felt wonderful. I ran my hands through Michelle's lush blonde hair. I now remembered how close I felt to her when I took oxys. And I knew she also felt close to me. An intense bond seemed to form between us. I knew we would soon make passionate love which we would both relish to the max.

As I drifted deeper into the swoon of the oxy, I recalled that the active ingredient in oxy was the same as that in heroin, and I pictured opium poppies and fields of poppies growing in Asia. I thought how the poppy needed to be protected from the thugs who fought the drug war and who wanted to eradicate the poppy from the face of the earth. I wondered what the world would be like if drugs were legalized and for a moment I pictured chaos, but I quickly realized that such chaos was simply the result of propaganda of the drug warriors and that life would be far better if drugs were legalized. The people who used drugs would continue doing so, and those who didn't would continue not using them. But the world would be far more peaceful.

In my fantasy, I imagined that I had somehow become involved with an Asian drug kingpin. He was a young fellow only about 30 years old, but he wielded enormous power. Somehow, I thought I had crossed him. Two other fellows were with me and they were also worried that he was unhappy with them. When we saw the kingpin pull up in a car, the other two ran off. I however didn't see anyplace to hide and I stood frozen.

I had a vision of the kingpin throwing one of the other two fellows from a tall tower into the ocean. I knew the kingpin would be coming for me next. But I was still unsure that he was unhappy with me, and I thought he and I still might be able to work together. Whatever he decided, I knew I would be at his mercy.

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