Dream of: 18 October 2011 ""

Walking up hill. saw hawk. stealthily walked up to it. grabbed hold must have been legs. it took off flying up the hill with me holding on. saw two Dalmatians. landed near one. only a couple white spots. thought i would like to have one but then i would be confined to north America and i wanted to go to Europe. walked over to dog. burly fellow about 25 showed up. he wanted to fight. imagined hitting him with my fist. would be nice if i worked out so i could punch him. a right in the face and a left in the stomach. just wanted to get away from him. jumped on a lift like ski lift going back down hill. the fellow grabbed hold and was holding on. thought of stepping on his fingers and causing him to fall. if he climbed all the way up i might have a problem with him.


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