Dream of: 15 October 2011 "Picking Up Pieces"

Carol (Michelle's surrogate mother) was living in the Gay Street House and Michelle was staying there with her. I had also been staying in the House for a few days and in that short period I had left numerous belongings scattered around the House. When I walked into the middle downstairs living room, I found Carol sitting in the middle of some of my possessions, including my black computer. It even looked as if Carol might have been using the computer. I was concerned because I knew all my dreams were stored on the computer and I didn't want Carol reading my dreams, especially ones in which I had been having sex with Michelle. I definitely needed to put the computer someplace else. I wondered if I might also be able to use a pass code on my FrontPage program so nobody could unlock my dreams on that program.

I walked back into the kitchen where I found Michelle. I was dismayed that I had also cluttered up the kitchen and I began picking up my things. I put some toys in boxes, and then began picking up pieces of a puzzle which were scattered all over the rusty colored carpet. There must have been a thousand pieces. I figured some of the pieces had likely been lost. When I saw one piece that appeared to have been chewed by a dog, I figured Michelle's dog, Kirsten, probably had chewed the piece, but then I realized the piece was just a piece of brown Formica which had broken off something.

As I continued picking up the pieces, a black haired fellow (around 25 years old) wearing a black trench coat walked through the kitchen. He stopped and picked up an old instamatic camera which belonged to me. He started asking questions about it and I thought he might want to buy it. I would be happy to sell it since I didn't want it anymore anyway.

Then he picked up an old reel-to-reel movie tape in a gray container and asked about it. Finally our discussion turned to reel-to-reel sound tapes and I told him I had a reel-to-reel player in the garage which I would like to sell. He seemed interested and he talked about our getting together at another time so he could look at it.

As he talked, however, I finally noticed that every time he spoke, he was looking at Michelle and not at me. Finally I realized that he wasn't interested in talking with me, and that he was there because he was interested in Michelle. That didn't bother me. Finally he turned and walked out the back door.

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