Dream of: 12 October 2011 "

I had become intrigued by a game which was played remotely with other people. The idea of the game was for one team of people to stack up little brown blocks while at the same time preventing another team of people from stacking up their pile of blocks. I had helped arrange a game which was to be played today, but I arrived late and was surprised to see that my team appeared to have already lost. I saw that the other team had already stacked up a substantial number of blocks, and my team had none. Just as I was about to start trying to stack up blocks, the game seemed to abruptly end and all the blocks began disappearing one by one.

I was disappointed. All the players seemed to be former law students with whom I had attended law school, and I hadn't thought they would even be interested in playing the game. I regretted that I had been able to compete with them.

McGuire walked into the room. I seemed to have been expecting him and he and I left together. We boarded a big fancy car which he was driving and we rode off. We were in the Dallas area and we headed south out of town. As we talked, I was afraid he would ask me what I was doing with my life. I didn't really tell him that I wasn't practicing law at the moment and the only thing I really did was write my dreams. But he didn't ask so I didn't have to explain about my life.

Instead somehow Levy was mentioned and I told McGuire that I thought Levy was an impressive attorney and how he reminded me of Al Pacino. I was particularly thinking of Pacino's role in Justice for all.

asked about his wife who I was thinking was Bev Crowden. his response made me think they were no longer together. he said something about a beautiful prostitute. caught my attention. seemed he was only visiting the are for a couple day s like me. thought we might go out later, but i didn't' have much money to waste.

continued on through arid countryside. reached place here construction was taking place. driving close to edge of high cliff. almost went off edge, very scary. finally stopped. and got out of car. could see city in distance which i said was Dallas. then i said was fort worth. (we stopped because we saw a place where we could view into distance) thought this was typical construction in Texas. beautiful vista. then saw big domed building made of red brick. pointed it out. construction not finished but no one around. finally headed back toward car.



on sight seeing tour in another country perhaps in Africa. in a jungly area. which was being excavated. shown a large mural with dozens of people, kept walking came across little black pieces which i identified as obsidian. picked one up. asked guide if I could keep it. he said i should leave it with people in charge. found several more pieces which i picked up.

I asked him about his asked him how his wife whit other

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