Dream of: 10 October 2011 "Ramblin' Man"

I was on my way to visit Birdie (my true love when I was 16-20 years old from 1968-1972), who had recently moved back to Portsmouth, Ohio. She lived on the outskirts of town and I was walking past a wooded area to reach her house. Suddenly I noticed an exquisite waterfalls nestled amidst the trees. The foamy blue water cascaded down several distinct layers to reach the pool at the bottom. I was amazed that such a sight existed in Portsmouth without my having ever seen it before. I thought other interesting places could probably be found in Portsmouth if I were to look for them.

As I continued walking past an expansive field, I could see Birdie's two-story frame house up ahead of me. My most recent girlfriend, Michelle, crossed my mind since I thought Michelle only lived a few blocks from this area, and I wondered what Michelle would think if she knew about Birdie. She would surely be surprised.

Birdie was waiting for me out front when I arrived and she invited me in. I was a little reluctant because I thought Birdie's intimidating father, Bishop, might be inside, and I had never gotten along well with him. Nevertheless, she and I walked inside and went straight to her bedroom.

Birdie was as beautiful as ever. She was about 25 years old, a little older than when I had last been with her, but she had retained her youth and beauty, and she still had her long, coal-black hair. As we chatted for a bit, I wondered if we were going to become physical. Finally she pulled off all her clothes except a pair of white panties. She sat on the side of the bed and then lay back on her back. I had forgotten how magnificent her body was. Her breasts looked firm - they were perfect - and I thought of starting by kissing them, but instead I pulled up her leg and began kissing her on the back of her thigh. I knew that a kiss on the back of the thigh was an odd place to start, but it just felt right.

Then I stood in front of her, with her legs dangling over the side of the bed. I could feel my erection and I was ready to lie down on top of her. I thought I would start kissing her on the mouth and I remembered how perfectly our mouths used to fit together. Michelle crossed my mind again and I thought about how differently Birdie and Michelle kissed. I couldn't wait to kiss Birdie again.

Before I could start, however, in a flash, Birdie stood up and put her clothes back on. I was, to say the least, disappointed. I didn't know quite what to do and I was almost wondering why I was even there. A little disconcerted, I decided to show Birdie a skill which I had acquired and which I thought she might appreciate, so I began floating up in the air. I floated up to the ceiling and even did some somersaults in mid air. At one point I looked down and I thought I was looking at Birdie, but then realized the woman was Birdie's mother, Mary Alice, who looked about the same age as Birdie. Her mother then left the room as quickly as she had apparently entered. Finally I floated back down in front of Birdie, still hovering in the air a few centimeters off the ground.

She seemed dully unimpressed by my skill. She said something about its being worthy of a "news article," but other than that, she seemed to place no importance on it. I finally landed all the way to the ground and I sat back down on the bed. Birdie became talkative and as she chattered away, I caught the words "getting married" and I realized she was talking about her and me getting married.

My mindset quickly changed. I wasn't interested in getting married. I enjoyed seeing Birdie again, but I certainly didn't want to marry her. I seemed to remember an old song called "Ramblin' Man" which I thought epitomized the way I was and I thought of telling Birdie that I was a ramblin' man, but I didn't say anything and I just let her continue talking.

As she talked, however, I began thinking about what to me was most important: Birdie's blonde-haired daughter, Brandi, who I figured must be about five years old now. Birdie had told me many times that I was Brandi's father, even though Birdie had married a fellow named Rick after she had become pregnant and Rick had raised Brandi with Birdie. I wondered what role Rick now played since Birdie was talking about marrying me, and I was surprised when Rick actually walked through the room. He was also probably in his mid-20s and he seemed unconcerned by my presence. I was confused and a little distraught by seeing him.

I was sure of one thing, however: I wanted to see Brandi. I told Birdie that I wanted to see Brandi, but Birdie said I couldn't see her right now. She said I could see her in a little while at my mother's house. And then my mother (only about 40 years old) walked into the room.

I was upset. I didn't want to wait a little while. I wanted to see Brandi now. Birdie however was adamant that I would have to wait. Apparently everyone was going to a house where my father and mother were living together and a meal would be served. I wasn't sure if Rick was going to go. And I wasn't sure what Birdie had in mind when she was talking about marrying me. It was all rather confusing and downheartening.

I turned to the door. I didn't want to ride with the others to my parents' home. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go there at all. I knew my parents' house was about a 20 minute walk from where I was. I thought I might walk there, but I wasn't sure. I wanted to see Brandi, but I didn't know if I wanted to see her there.

I headed toward the door, dejected, intending to leave.

The preceding is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

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