Dream of: 29 September 2011 "Greek Orthodoxy"

My father, my mother and several other members of my family had walked into an elaborate old building with fascinating architecture. It almost seemed as if we were in another country and as if we were sightseeing. The spacious room in which we found ourselves vaunted a high-vaulted ceiling. The wall at one end of the room was filled with statues and busts sitting in niches. We all sat down in metal fold-up chairs facing the statue-wall and we perused our surroundings.

I found a little piece of brick-like material lying on the floor. The piece was intricately carved with an arabesque design.

When I heard a thumping sound from the rear of the room, I stood and (still carrying the little piece) walked to the rear of the room to investigate. Able to look through large windows to the street outside, I saw that the thumping sound originated from the other side of the street where a building was being demolished. I watched a wrecking ball smash into the side of the building. The sight was a little sad because the building was so old and attractive. A huge front facade was intricately carved in a way which mirrored the little piece of brick which I was carrying. I wished there would have been some way that I could have salvaged the front facade to use on another building. But it was too late for that.

Abruptly several men appeared on the other side of the glass, which was actually a large door. The men were all old and had grey hair and beards. As soon as I saw them, the mystery of where I was became clear to me and I knew we were in a church. Although the men were dressed in business suits, at the same time I had images of them dressed in fancy dark religious garb. Instinctively I knew that they were higher-ups in the Greek Orthodox Church and that we were in fact in a Greek Orthodox Church.

The men seemed shocked to see us in the church. Apparently they were getting ready to have some kind of service and I knew they wanted us to leave. When I expressed my desire to stay and watch the service, they relented and indicated we would be allowed to stay. But they soon seemed to become dissatisfied with my family's presence, and I knew they wanted us to leave. Reluctantly I informed my family that we had to go, and they all stood up to leave.

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