Dream of: 27 September 2011 "Sinners"

As I was lying on my back in a bed, staring up at the white ceiling, I noticed something on the ceiling which I couldn't identify at first. I stared harder until I realized the ceiling was covered with over 100 large grasshoppers. I thought about standing up and knocking the grasshoppers off the ceiling, but decided that wouldn't be a good idea.

I needed to think a bit to even remember where I was. Finally I recalled I was in a small house trailer which I had parked next to a larger house trailer where a woman who was my mother (who didn't look like my actual mother) was living. She was probably only about 30 years old, thin and attractive. I stood up and looked out the window of the little house trailer toward the big house trailer. I was thinking I might simply move into this little house trailer and that I might even build a passageway between the two trailers. The little house trailer was in much better shape than I had anticipated and I thought I could easily live in it.

Both trailers were parked out in the flat country with no other nearby houses. Fields surrounded the trailers and a road ran in front of them. I could see a couple cars parked on the road and some people were standing around them. They had a sign which read "Sinners." I was only vaguely curious about what the people were doing out there since I didn't think it had anything to do with me.

I finally walked over to the big house trailer and was surprised to find a boy (perhaps 14-15 years old) standing in the kitchen. I was a bit miffed to see he had prepared himself some food, including a large chocolate drink with ice cream. I asked him what he was doing there, but he ignored me. I began to have the feeling that he lived somewhere nearby and that he regularly came in and simply helped himself to whatever he wanted.

Then I noticed a girl wandering around the trailer and I quickly concluded that she was the boy's sister and that she likewise simply came in and took over. I wanted them both to leave, especially when I saw the boy helping himself to some pie. But when I told him that he couldn't simply come into my mother's home and eat whatever he wanted, he simply ignored me. I told him to leave, but again, he ignored me. I thought about physically throwing him out, but I was concerned about a laying my hands on a minor. I thought I might have to simply call the police.

Then a woman (probably in her mid 30s) walked in. I asked her if she was related to the boy and girl, and she said she was, although she wasn't their mother. When I told her they had to leave, she showed no sign of acquiescing to my demand.

I decided to call the police. I pulled out my cell phone and walked outside into the front yard to make the call. By now, many more people were parked in the road. Booths had even been set up along the side of the trailers and dozens of people were milling about. I walked over to the people with the protest signs. Many more people had joined them and now there were several signs with the word "Sinners" on them. After speaking with the people for a moment, I suddenly realized that the signs were aimed at my mother and apparently someone else who was associated with my mother. I said, "I hadn't realized that."

I was stunned to learn that the target of the protest was my mother. I also realized that the police might be reluctant to help me eject the people from my mother's home. I might actually have to go to court and obtain a restraining order to keep the boy and girl away from my mother.

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