Dream of: 26 September 2011 "Fascinating Destruction"

As I was walking along a city street, I noticed a funnel cloud forming in the distance and I immediately began surveying my surroundings for a building which might have a basement where I could take shelter. As the funnel cloud lumbered closer, I headed up the front steps of a brick house. Since the door was closed, I decided that if necessary I would break down the door. When I tried the door, however, it opened and I walked inside. When I saw no one, I hollered out and a woman answered. I went from room to room looking for a stairway to the basement, but I never saw the woman.

When I thought the danger had passed, I walked back outside and again continued walking. I was amazed to see that several more funnel clouds had formed at varying distances from me. Fascinated by the black funnel clouds, I again looked for someplace which might have a basement. I passed several tall buildings and I thought how the entire building might collapse on me if it were hit by a funnel cloud while I was in the basement. I began imagining finding a pipe in the basement big enough for me to crawl into, but I worried that the building might collapse and I would be trapped in the pipe. It might take days for rescuers to find me.

More and more funnel clouds formed. I had never seen so many at one time. Some would form from a dark cloud which hovered over the area. The funnel clouds would take shape as they fell from the cloud, then they would disappear. I could see the damage they were causing in the distance as buildings were smashed. The sight was so fascinating, that despite the danger, I did not want the funnel clouds to stop. I was utterly absorbed in their destructive power.

As I cautiously continued walking, I saw ahead of me an apartment building perhaps ten stories tall. People were standing all over the balconies of the individual apartments. Suddenly a funnel cloud, in the shape of a huge black ball slammed into the apartment building. The destruction was immediate as people were swept away or fell to the ground. After the ball passed, however, the people who still continued to stand on the balconies seemed unwilling to take shelter and they simply continued to watch the many funnel clouds surrounding the area.

Suddenly I saw a small girl, perhaps two years old, standing in the street. I thought I had to try to save her and pull her off the street, but before I could do anything, she disappeared.

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