Dream of: 25 September 2011 "Unappealing Accommodations"

I had been placed in confinement in a large cement and steel room with perhaps twenty other men. The only furniture was bunk beds. It seemed we were all being confined due to some transgression involving drugs, although the exact reason was cloudy. I accepted my fate without complaint and adapted to the situation. After I had been in confinement for about a week, however, the situation abruptly changed when perhaps a hundred new people were introduced into the room. They mostly seemed to be a rather rough lot of young men in their 20s. There were so many of them, there was barely room to move. The people in charge quickly bustled about assigning beds. In the process, my bunk was given to a sick older black woman who couldn't walk and was attached to an IV solution. I was given a fourth level bunk which I would need a ladder to reach.

When the  time came to go to bed, however, I was not even allowed on the bunk. Instead, I was directed to sleep in a row of men on pads on the floor. I uncomplainingly took my spot, but I wasn't happy. One fellow chased another fellow with a knife down my row. Although I didn't feel in immediate danger, the place had lost all its appeal. I was especially concerned about the young men sleeping next to me. I feared they might snore and I knew I had extreme difficulty sleeping around anyone who snored. The situation was not a pleasant one.

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