Dream of: 24 September 2011 "Library's Basement"

I walked out of a library, down the front stairs, and into a basement area with a dirt floor underneath the library. The place was a mess, with trash strewn about and weeds growing in the dirt. I was surprised because I had cleaned up this area once before, and now here it was all cluttered again. I set to work. I found a white lawnmower which I started up and started mowing the grass. I had to raise the wheels a notch because the grass was so tall. I zoomed around, quickly cutting down the weeds.

When I was finished cutting, I started picking up the junk. I flatted out several old brown cardboard boxes and stacked them up. I found a couple old coats which I threw over to the side. I also noticed several boxes of paperback books which were probably ruining from sitting on the damp dirt, but I wasn't concerned about them. I remembered I had seen the books the last time I had been down there, and none of them had interested me.

Once the place was sufficiently straightened up, I turned toward the exit to leave.

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