Dream of: 21 September 2011 (2) "Lost Money"

I was walking through a huge old frame house which I had bought. Although the house was in poor shape, I had acquired it for practically nothing, and I thought I had made a good investment. A rear room on the house caved in while I was examining the house. Repairing the room would be expensive, but manageable.

Several other people were also walking around the house, looking it over. Their presence didn't bother me at first, but suddenly I remembered that I had hidden $3,000 in the house and I was afraid they might find it. I couldn't remember exactly where I had put the money, but I recalled that I had earlier been reading an old hardback book and I thought I might have stashed the money in the book. I went to the room where I had been sitting and reading the book, but I couldn't find the book.

As I tried to remember where I had put the book, I recalled a macabre story about a fellow whom I had known who had died. I had the feeling that the book had disappeared with the fellow, but I simply couldn't get the story right in my mind.

I was just sick about the money and I tried to think of other places where I might have stashed it. I thought I might have stuck it under a rug, put it in a bag, or stashed it inside an old record album. I continued looking, but I simply couldn't find the money. I knew I could get by without the money, but the thought of simply losing such a sum and not even knowing what had happened to it was sickening.

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