Dream of: 21 September 2011 "Vagrants"

I was standing outside one of several large white frame houses which I had bought. This particular house had three stories and I was disconcerted to see lights on in every story. The house was supposed to be empty, but obviously someone was inside, and I needed to go in and investigate. Just as I was about to walk through the front door, three young fellows (probably in their late teens) were walking on the sidewalk behind me. I turned to them and engaged them in a conversation. Since I was wary that I might have trouble with whomever was in the house, I asked them if I could hire them to "back me up" when I went inside. They agreed and I stepped through the front door.

The place was disorderly. Clearly, however, someone was living there. A couple men scurried from the room as I investigated. The men returned, and soon four men were standing in front of me. Obviously they were vagrants and they had simply taken possession of the house to have somewhere to sleep. After they admitted that they had no permission to be there, I told them they were going to have to leave.

A plain-clothes police officer (probably in his late 30s) showed up and wanted to know what was going on. I explained that I had bought the house and that I was forcing the vagrants to leave. He didn't appear as if he were going to get involved, and I continued talking to the four men. They showed no signs of resisting and the more I confronted them, the worse I felt about simply throwing them out. I thought perhaps if they would pay five dollars apiece I would let them stay another night, but when I asked them if they had any money, they said they had none.

I felt worse and worse about kicking them out onto the remorseless street. They looked so pitiful and helpless. I was seriously thinking of letting them stay a while longer.

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