Dream of: 20 September 2011 (2) "Imaginary Fighter Jet"

I was fantasizing about having my own fighter jet which I had somehow managed to swindle from the government. I was trying to figure out how I would be able to keep the jet and fly it without being caught. I thought I might have to fly the jet low to escape detection. The fantasy was so vivid, I found myself flying the jet. I knew I was just creating the scene around me, but my powers of creation were so strong and the visions so vivid, it almost seemed real. As I flew past a tall brown-stone temple such as might be found in India, I created voluptuous dancing girls richly carved on the sides of the temple.

I loved the jet and I loved flying. I thought I might even make the jet impervious to water so I could plunge down into a pool of water and then soar back into the sky.

I finally landed, walked around for a while, then entered a building where people were milling about, among whom was a comely blonde girl probably 17-18 years old. She was wearing a tee shirt and when she bent over in front of me, I caught a glimpse of her bra-less breasts. Before she could raise back up, I put my hand on the top of her tee shirt and held it open for a better look. She didn't stop me. This looked like a good opportunity and I thought I might invite her for a ride. She would think I meant a ride in a car. How surprised she would be when we walked outside and I showed her my jet. I fantasized that I would take her aboard. We could go for a ride and I could make love to her. She could sit on my lap, facing me. We might stay together for a whole day in the jet. When we were finished I would bring her back. I wouldn't want to become involved with her. Just be with her for a day, then move on.

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