Dream of: 19 September 2011 "Arson"

On the previous day, I had driven Michelle's mother, Kim (a black-haired woman in her late 30s), to a house and she had committed arson, setting the house on fire. Today, I drove Kim to another house, and she did the same thing. Now I was really worried because I was afraid I might be implicated as an accomplice. We were still in the area of the second house which was sitting in a row of two-story houses. Kim had fabricated a story about why she was there so when the firemen showed up, she would have an explanation for her presence. As I sat in the car outside and waited for Kim to return, I could see the smoke already starting to come out of the house. When Kim got back in the car, I told her that no matter what, she could never admit that she had set the fire. In my mind I kept going over the story myself, worried that I would be drug into the mess. I was especially concerned that I wouldn't be able to explain my presence. I had intended to say that Kim had called me to come and get her, but I couldn't remember if she had actually made a call to me, and I knew the fire department would be able to check my phone records. I was feeling just sick about the whole mess.

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