Dream of: 18 September 2011 "At The Theater"

I was sitting in the last row of a movie theater, in the seat farthest to the right. Another fellow wearing glasses (around 30 years old) whom I didn't know sat down next to me on my left. We waited and waited for the movie start. Just when the movie was about to begin, I stood up and walked down to the very front row, which was completely empty. I was aware that other people were watching me, and I thought in a way I was showing that I was still young, that I could sit right in the front row, and not way in the back like some old stodgy. Besides, I thought as long as I was in a theater, the front row was the place to get the most impact. After I had sat down, I looked back at the fellow who had sat down beside me in the back. He looked a little insulted, as if I had abandoned him back there.

As I waited for the movie to begin, I had picked up a little soft-rubber toy which looked like some kind of action figure. I touched it to my lips and tongues, then realized how disgusting it was to just pick up something like that and put it in my mouth. I looked more closely at the toy. It looked like a comic book character and I thought it somewhat resembled the Lizard from Spiderman comics. Then I saw the word "Marvel" written on the toy and I knew that I at least was right about it being a comic book character.

The movie we were about to see was The Godfather, first part. When the movie finally began, however, I realized I was watching a television which was sitting on a stand. I couldn't believe it. The screen was no larger than my own television at home. I watched a few minutes, then decided to leave. I stood and walked to the rear of the theater. When I turned around and looked back toward the front, however, I was surprised to see that the movie was actually on a large screen. The television was also playing, but the movie screen was behind the television. I couldn't figure out why I hadn't been able to see the movie screen when I had been sitting in the front. I thought about returning and finding a seat from which I could see the screen, but by now I had lost my interest and I turned to leave.

I headed for the door of the theater, which looked just like the old Laroy theater which used to be in downtown Portsmouth when I was a child. 

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