Dream of: 17 September 2011 "Dilapidated House"

I was in Portsmouth in a dilapidated two-story house which I had bought to refurbish. While I was standing on the back porch, Brown (a Portsmouth acquaintance, in his late 30s, whom I had known for a couple years) was climbing down the outside wall of the house. Apparently he had climbed into a second-story window of the neighboring house and he was now returning. Once he was on the back porch with me, I noticed that one of the doors on the back porch was missing and I said, "Thats not good."

After I placed some plywood in front of the doorway, Brown and I walked back into the house where Michelle was in the front part of the house. I was a little upset with Michelle because she was getting ready to leave and I wanted her to stay with me for a while longer. I knew she needed to take care of some things, in particular some immigration papers, in light of the fact that she was an illegal immigrant. I had intended to help her with the papers, but I decided if she wasn't even going to stay with me awhile longer, I would forget about that.

Brown and I walked to the front room and he headed outside where Michelle had gone. I called to her and told her I wanted to talk to her for a moment. I was so angry about her leaving, I decided I was going to tell her that I wasn't going to help her with anything anymore. As I waited for her, I picked up a long hunting knife and held it in my hand. I thought when she came in the house, I would throw the knife against the wall as a display of my anger.

Before she entered, however, as I was standing close to the basement door, I thought I glimpsed a movement on the basement stairs. Suddenly a rather obese fellow (probably in his mid 20s) and another fellow stepped out of the door to the basement. I was immediately extremely alarmed. I thought someone had recently been breaking into the house and I quickly deduced that these were the culprits. I brandished the knife in front of me and hollered, "Oh! Oh!" I hoped Brown or Michelle would hear me and help me.

The obese fellow, meanwhile, seemed completely nonchalant about my presence and he began offering some plausible excuse as to why he was in the house, but I wasn't buying the excuse.

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