Dream of: 13 September 2011 "Fiery Sky"

My father and I were walking in the east end of Portsmouth in the area where Gallia Street (the main east-west artery) divides into Gallia Street and Eighth Street, something like a miniature Times Square, with an old dilapidated wooden building sitting on the triangular intersection. I had noted of late how this area of town had several new businesses and I told my father that this was the new downtown of Portsmouth. I suggested that property could still be bought cheaply in this area and that it might be a good investment.

 People were milling about on the street, and as if to reinforce my words, a parade of women dressed in white and carrying banners came parading down the street. Apparently the women were trying to raise support for victims of a hurricane called "Sara." I could see a second group of women also headed in our direction.

My father and I stepped into a small establishment with red walls which reflected a carnival-like atmosphere inside. At the rear was seated an elderly man who was giving autographs. I wondered who he was. One side of the room had several chairs where another man was shining shoes. I even thought for a moment about having my shoes shined, but decided against it. People were coming and going in a lively manner.

Suddenly, as I gazed out the front window toward the east, I saw the dark sky light up with a burst of fire. I waited a few moments, then saw another tremendous flame burst into the sky. The fireballs were far off. Two tall square towers stood in the distance, and the fireballs were beyond them. I couldn't quite remember where the towers were, but clearly the flames which now lit up the sky were in the direction of the neighboring town of New Boston. I pointed out the fire-filled sky to my father and asked him if he knew anyone who lived in that area. Clearly anyone over there would be in dire danger. But he, like I, didn't seem to know anyone in that area.

I continued to stare in amazed apprehension at the fiery sky.

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