Dream of: 11 September 2011 "Moving"

I was heading to the house where I was living with my mother and my sister in Portsmouth. I had just pulled around a corner and slowed down to a stop, when my mother passed me in a white car which she was driving. When I saw a man sitting in the front passenger seat, I quickly deduced that my mother had spent the night with the man. Then I also noticed an older woman in the back seat and I thought the woman must be the mother of the man. I thought my mother must have seen me, too, because she slowed the car to a stop and backed up next to me. Although she seemed to be looking right at me, apparently she was just backing up to turn around, and she didn't see me. After she had turned around and driven off, I proceeded to the house where I was living.

After I was in the house, I was surprised to see that my mother was already there. Apparently my sister was upstairs. My mother (who looked about 50 years old) sat down at the kitchen table and we began talking. I wondered if she was going to lie about spending the night with the man. I thought she would say she had been home all night, but when I asked her when she had returned home, she said she had returned at ten o'clock this morning. Relieved that she hadn't lied to me, I let the subject drop.

I had more important matters on my mind. I intended to sell the house in which we were living, and I still needed to do some work on the house. The house was a large brick two-story which was in good condition except for minor repairs. It seemed as if there might be a leak in the ceiling of one room which needed repaired. I needed to enlist the help of my mother and my sister so we could get busy fixing things up. I still wasn't sure that they were prepared for the move, or that they even wanted to move.

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