Dream of: 09 September 2011 "Fighting For The Union"

I was watching a scene from the American Civil War. The action was so vivid, it seemed as if I were actually there. Union soldiers had camped out in a dense forest when they noticed another campfire flickering through the trees. Concluding that the other campfire belonged to Confederate soldiers, the Union soldiers stealthily crept up on the other camp, marched right up to the campfire and captured all the Confederate soldiers there.

The next scene was two years later. The same Union soldiers were still marching with the same Confederate soldiers as prisoners. A scene showed Union soldiers attacking some Confederate soldiers. The Union soldiers galloped on horses across a wheat field as cannon balls exploded all around them. I was at the head of the charge, riding a horse. I knew there was a good chance that I would be killed, but I felt brave and unafraid to die. I was happy because I was fighting for the Union and not for the Confederacy because I believed in the Union cause.

We managed to overwhelm and capture a small group of Confederate soldiers. I knew, however, that Robert E. Lee was our main target and that he still had a large army which was marching unchecked through the land.

We captured a building which we entered and searched. One of my fellow Union soldiers found a satchel which seemed to contain some coins. He opened it and many unusual-looking coins fell out. I wasn't particularly interested in the coins or in what the other soldier did with them.

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