Dream of: 01 September 2011 (3) "The Shrine"

I had gone to a place which resembled a college campus, but which also seemed to have religious undertones. Stately stone buildings majestically sat amid lush vegetation. I quickly found a site about which I had previously heard and which I had wanted to see. It seemed to be a type of brick shrine like something which might be found in a graveyard. Indeed several people seemed to be buried on the spot. Lying flat on the ground in front of me was a large sculpture of a man's head. The sculpted head appeared to be wearing a miter such as a bishop might wear. It appeared that the sculpture of the rest of the man's body was divided into pieces and extended down off from the head, likewise lying flat on the ground.

I was surprised when I saw another man standing near the shrine and reverently viewing it. I had thought that I would be the only one there, that no one else cared anymore about this place. I was even more surprised when I heard two women talking to each other. When I looked at them and saw them passing, I was astounded. One of the women seemed to be wearing a bizarre rectangular piece of concrete over her head. It appeared obvious that she belonged to some kind of religious order and that the concrete was worn as part of a rite associated with the shrine. I certainly hadn't expected to see something like that there. After she walked past me, I could see that the back of her head was uncovered, so the concrete just covered the front of her head.

After the two women had passed, I stood next to the brick shrine, close to the sculpted head in the ground, and tears came to my eyes. I was also perspiring and the tears and perspiration began cascading in profusion from my head. I stood with head bowed, watching the water drip from my head to the ground.

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