Dream of: 01 September 2011 (2) "Young Marilyn Monroe"

Michelle was staying with me in a large ranch-style house which I was renting from someone. She was about 25 years old and was beautiful. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend Wayne was also staying in one bedroom in the house, and she spent part of her time with him. Wayne had been staying there for free, but I suddenly decided that if he was going to stay in the house, he would have to pay rent. I walked into his large bedroom and began talking to him. He pointed out a little green chair with a tray which he had found among his possessions after he had moved in. He and I walked into the huge closet in his bedroom where he had stored boxes of his stuff. I commented that the closet might be the largest closet I had ever seen.

I told him he was going to have to start paying rent. I figured that the rent was $480 and that he would have to therefore pay $160. He didn't seem happy about the idea, but I didn't see that he had any choice.

When I walked back out into the hallway, Michelle came walking toward me. She was stunningly attractive and I remarked at how much she looked like a young Marilyn Monroe. She was wearing a low-cut dress which brazenly allowed her blue bra to be seen. I thought how much I would like to slip my hand inside her bra and feel her luscious breast, but I knew that now wouldn't be the appropriate time for that. She breezed past me into Wayne's room. I hated to see her go in there, especially since I figured she still sometimes had sex with him. A fleeting thought crossed my mind that we might have a threesome some day, but I doubted that that would ever happen and the idea didn't really appeal to me anyway. I just wanted Michelle to myself and since she generally stayed in my room with me, I usually got my way.

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