Dream of: 01 September 2011 "The Right Price"

Michelle and I were in a public place which somewhat seemed like an airport. About 25 years old, she was so gorgeous, I could hardly stop looking at her. Her blonde hair seemed to have some silver in it and was made up in an attractive hair-do which I had never seen on her.

As we talked, I noticed she was glancing at someone behind me. I turned and saw an overweight man (probably in his mid-30s) who was looking back at her. He was well-dressed and gave a prosperous impression. I immediately perceived that he and Michelle were involved with each other. I said something to her and she immediately defended her relationship with the man. I couldn't say anything. I had no holds on Michelle and I knew that she was going to do whatever she liked. Besides, I figured Michelle was simply using the man for his money and it was nothing serious. I thought to myself if I wanted to be with Michelle, I only needed to wave a hundred dollar bill under her nose and she would oblige me.

When Michelle walked off, I took the opportunity to speak to the man. I walked over to him and we began talking. He was cordial and seemed willing to converse. I was most interested in whether he had already had sex with her. I blurted out that over the past four years I had "fucked" Michelle over five hundred times. I mentioned that she would do anything for the right price. He seemed a little amused and he said something about the first two times that he had "fucked" her. So I had my answer: he had already had sex with her.

I was a little sad knowing that Michelle had sex with other men, but I knew how she was. Besides, she was so much younger than I, her need for someone her own age was inevitable. Maybe she would actually find someone someday with whom she could settle down. In the meantime, I would continue to occasionally enjoy her company. 

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