Dream of: 31 August 2011 "Flea Market"

As my ex-wife Carolina and I were riding along the road in a car which I was driving, I noticed what appeared to be a small flea market with six or seven booths along the side of the road. It looked as if all the booths were shut down except one which still had stuff sitting out. When I noticed several stained glass windows sitting outside the booth, I decided to stop and I pulled in.

Patricia and I stepped out of the car and began walking around through the items. A swarthy man (probably about 40 years old) who appeared to be Asian Indian seemed to be in charge and he seemed to be loading the stuff onto a truck so he could close down.

I looked over the merchandise. I first noticed a shelf packed with old books. I found one little section with books based on old television shows. One book was Rin Tin Tin, another was the Lone Ranger, and a third was Maverick. I already owned several old books such as these myself. I was especially fond of such books which had colorful colors, which none of these seemed to have. I picked up the Maverick book and looked at it, but since the cover had been redone I wasn't interested, and I laid it back down.

I continued browsing and spotted an old set of scales (about a half meter tall) which had probably once been used in a grocery store. I pushed it down with my finger and it seemed in good working condition. I was surprised that it was for sale for only $4.50. I was sure it was worth much more than that and I was almost tempted to buy it, but I reflected that even though I could make a few dollars on something like that, it simply wasn't worth the trouble. If I were to buy anything at someplace like this, it had to be something that I truly enjoyed having. The scales didn't fit that bill, and I moved on.

I next saw something quite unusual. It appeared to be two toys which looked somewhat like computer insects. They were sitting on the floor and were also about a half meter tall. They looked old, as if they were some of the very first electronic toys ever made. They were definitely intriguing and I thought they would make good displays in someone's house. But again, I didn't need something like that, and I resisted any temptation to buy the things.

We walked into a little building which was loaded down with all kinds of stuff. I finally realized that the proprietor must store his stuff right there in the building. I noticed some old metal lunch boxes sitting up high on a shelf and I thought about asking to see them, but I decided against it.

Finally I saw some stained glass windows lying flat on a shelf. I had wanted to look at the windows, but by now I had lost my interest. I reflected that I had recently sold a bunch of old stained glass windows which I had had for years. I had been glad to unload the windows and buying more stained glass windows now simply didn't make sense. I had seen enough. I was ready to move on.

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