Dream of: 23 August 2011 "Rampant Horse"

I had heard that the word "yapouri" was the Chinese word for "strawberries" and I wanted to check on the Internet to see if that were actually true. Before I could do so, however, I found a picture of a map of England. Inside the outline of England stood a rampant white horse, framed so the outline of many parts of the horse conformed with the outline of England. Standing on two legs, the horse faced east and its long tail trailed off into Cornwall.

The rampant horse inside the map seemed to have special significance for me, and as I looked at the map, I thought of Lazellia, a woman who lived in England and whose dreams I had been reading on a web site called "Dream Journal." Since I had been reading Lazellia's dreams, I had learned more about England. I thought I would like to tell Lazellia how that for me, horses symbolized art in my dreams.

As I thought about the picture, I realized I was in a book store. I saw a large book, written in Italian, about the American Revolution and about early American presidents. I picked up the book, flipped through it, and saw many pictures inside. I wanted the book. When I asked a fellow behind the counter how much the book cost, he said the book hadn't been priced yet and he directed me to another man. I walked over to the other man and handed the book to him.

Before receiving a price from the man, I turned and walked into the neighboring room which seemed like an auditorium. I sat down in a seat next to a woman about 30 years old. She was very friendly and pleasing to be with. A reading - in French -  was going to take place, something like a play. I was given a copy of the material which was going to be read. One after another, people in the audience read. The line of reading was coming toward me and reached the woman sitting next to me, who read a long passage in French.

My turn was next, but I only had one line, and it was written in English. Nevertheless, I had difficulty reading. A confusing pattern was printed on the paper so that reading the words was difficult. I slowly read two or three words at a time. Right in the middle of the line was the word "beheadest." I had never heard the word before, but I thought it most certainly must refer to cutting off someone's head.

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