The following is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts

Dream of: 22 August 2011 "Vivid Imagination"

I was creating images in my mind. I started by imagining that I was looking at a rock cliff of rusty-colored rock. I was astounded by the detail which I could see in the rock, and the more I concentrated, the more detailed the high rock cliff became. My powers of imagination had grown considerably. I enjoyed looking at the rock so much, I wondered where I could find a similar cliff in reality which I could climb, and I thought of the high hill where my father lived and I recalled that there were many such cliffs there. I thought I might visit his place.

I decided to try to imagine different objects and I created some intricately detailed flowers. I was then amused when some light-green peppers growing on the stalk appeared in vivid detail in my mind.

I realized I was sitting on a couch, completely naked, and I imagined a very attractive woman walking in. She was about 20 years old and seemed to be someone with whom I was familiar. When she walked over and sat down next to me on my left, I had trouble distinguishing whether she was real or imaginary. As she lay her head on my chest, I had an erection, and I slowly, almost imperceptibly began moving her head lower. She didn't resist and clearly she knew what I wanted. She seemed resigned to indulging me and she allowed me to slowly move her head farther and farther down.

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