Dream of: 20 August 2011 "Why Not?"

I was in an apartment where I was living alone. I was talking on the phone with Michelle. Although my relationship with Michelle had cooled, we were still friends and we still talked. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door and I told Michelle to hang on while I answered the door. I laid down my burgundy Samsung Blackjack cell phone and I walked out of the back room and through the living room to the front door.

When I opened the door, Jo Ann (an old friend of my mother's) was standing there. Only she didn't look like Jo Ann. This woman was only about 30 years old and sensually attractive. She waltzed past me into the room as if she were looking for something. I immediately felt a strong physical attraction for her, and as we talked, several times she passed so close to me that we almost touched. I noted in particular how soft and alluring was the skin of her face. She seemed to remind me of a particular movie actress whom I couldn't place.

All the while we were talking, sometimes suggestively, almost flirting, I hoped that Michelle was still on the phone and that she could hear us. I was hoping I could make Michelle jealous.

Jo Ann seemed to be in a rush and after a short while she headed back toward the door. I didn't want her to leave but she stepped outside onto the balcony (the apartment was on the second floor). As she descended the stairs I looked for her car in front of the apartment building and saw a luxurious silver car sitting right in front of my apartment. The car, however, had been backed into the side of a van which was also sitting in front of the apartment. I thought the silver car belonged to Jo Ann and that she had hit the van. Jo Ann, however, climbed into another car which was parked behind the van and she pulled out.

Then, out of the blue, my old friend Kim showed up, and I invited her into the apartment. She also did not look like herself. She was only about 25 years old and had beautiful blonde hair which fell to her shoulders. She was extremely attractive and as soon as we had stepped into the apartment, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her. She seemed taller than I, and I had to stand up straight to be on a level with her. She began wrapping her legs around me and seductively pulling me close to her, rubbing against me.

Although I was very much enjoying being close to her, I was a bit in shock because I knew that Kim was celibate and that she had long ago given up sex. I couldn't figure out where her sudden lasciviousness was coming from, but I certainly wasn't objecting.

When she finally stepped back from me, and we began talking, I again spoke loudly, hoping Michelle was still on the phone and would hear me talking with Kim. I was still trying to make Michelle jealous. I began questioning Kim about the way she was acting and she replied, "Why not?"

The kitchen was connected to the living room and Kim had walked over to the kitchen counter. She began straightening up some things lying on the counter. The whole place was untidy although not dirty, and I reflected that it wouldn't hurt if Kim wanted to pick up a few things. Again I questioned her about her apparent change of heart regarding physical contact, and again she beguilingly answered, "Why not?"

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