Dream of: 19 August 2011 "Comics Store"

As I was traveling in a car between Texas and Ohio, I stopped at a store and walked in. The place was filled with comic books and I immediately began looking through them. I found several copies of Fantastic Four which I intended to buy. Then I found a stack of comics with the Silver Surfer on the cover. I was particularly impressed with the bright sliver shine of the covers of those comics.

Before I could complete my browsing, a woman announced that the store was almost ready to close. I was disappointed. Rooms and rooms of comics still lay before me. I knew I needed to act quickly, so I decided to fly from room to room. I rose into the air and in a flash I was flying up and down the aisles, surfing from one room from the next. I was definitely able to see many more comics this way, and I hoped the woman in charge would allow me some extra time once she saw how efficiently I was flying through the comics.

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